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    Gustavo C.
    United States United States

    I first went to Youtube and found Mark’s Charisma meditation. I did this for about 3 sessions and started noticing a difference. People would greet me at the park when exercising, even young, beautiful ladies. Heck, even this squirrel came up to me and followed me for a few steps. Than was fun. I then decided to download Mark’s subscription and app into my tablet and have done also the nighttime charisma meditations. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase and cannot wait to continue with some of the other meditations. Since I am hard of hearing, on Youtube I enable the captions function so as I could better understand the guidance. I would like to be able to have this on the app also. I sometimes I cannot hear certain words or sounds, but if I read them, I then can go on and listen effectively. I am going to do my own meditation to improve my hearing, but would welcome a specific one from Mark. I would recommend some research since there are any number of reasons for loss of hearing. Overall, Mark’s meditations are making a difference in my life and highly recommend them.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Amazing result

    Fantastic thank you!! My sleep pattern was so bad. I struggled every night to drift off. After only the first listen to the sleep meditation session I fell into a deep slumber. I still haven’t heard the whole thing to the end yet because I fall asleep midway. I love it.

    Florida2016 .
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Anxiety Relief CD

    Bought this as a Xmas present so I have only listened to a small part of it. I am very impressed with what I have heard of the CD so far.

    June T.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    End Procrastination now

    Haven't used it yet. Unable to download the mp3 version. You have to download an app and sign up, but you can't download the mp3 unless you buy it from their website, and if you try to email them, it comes back. So I gave up.

    A Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy Customer
    Lori G.
    US US
    Affordable and effective!

    I was at the end of my rope with an issue I was having, and decided to try hypno-therapy only because I feel like I've tried everything else. It was my first experience with hypnosis and I didn't know if I was the type of person that could be hypnotized, I assumed probably not but figured I would give it a try anyway. Boy was I surprised! From the very first session I was clearly in the hypnotic state. My Fitbit sleep tracker picked up that I went from awake to deep sleep within just a couple minutes of the session. What I remember is that one minute I was walking on a beach, the next minute I was waking up feeling refreshed. The same thing happened for the second session, and then the third. At this point I decided I should probably jump to the middle of a session to see what kind of subliminal messaging is getting pumped into my brain, LOL! It's all good - very positive messaging, with a focus on the issue I'm targeting. As for the effectiveness, I noticed a difference after the very first session. I've continued the program and expanded to try other topics as well and I'm equally pleased with those. I've made this part of my bedtime routine and definitely sleep much better at night. I also try to make time for one session during the day, but that doesn't always happen. I highly recommend these Mark Bowden hypnotherapy sessions. They are adorable, easy to do, and a great way to invest in yourself! #selfcare